A formal pedestrian crossing point shown by black and white painted stripes, zig zags and flashing yellow lights

Zebra crossing

Zebra crossings help pedestrians cross from one side of the road to the other. This a formal pedestrian crossing point which is highlighted by black and white painted stripes, zig zags and flashing yellow lights.

Zebra crossings can be used as an alternative to pelican crossings where pedestrian crossing movements aren’t as frequent and where traffic is generally travelling at a lower speed.

There still needs to a be a recognised pedestrian crossing demand when considering this type of crossing. The safe use of this crossing relies on the judgement of the pedestrian as to when to enter the road at a safe point.

Indicative costs

A zebra crossing with anti-skid carriageway surfacing and associated street lighting costs approximately £30,000 – £40,000.



Officers will undertake an assessment to determine what type of crossing facility is most appropriate, which may include not making alterations to the existing environment. This assessment will follow the current Department for Transport guidance in Chapter 6 of the Traffic Signs manual.


All costs stated are for guidance only.

Figures provided are estimates and are reviewed annually, with all costs subject to a site survey assessment.

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