Known as rumble strips, they're a series of slightly raised strips which cover the width of the road

Transverse bar markings (rumble strips)

The use of transverse bar markings (rumble strips) is designed to provide a visual, sensory warning to drivers on high speed approaches to roundabouts and high accident frequency locations. When used in the correct layout, rumble strips have been proven to be very effective against accidents associated with excessive speeding.

These normally take the form of a series of slightly raised strips of different coloured surfacing, set across the width of the road. The appearance and feel of the strips is intended to cause drivers to reduce their speed. Due to the resultant road noise which can be experienced by nearby residents, the locations where rumble strips can be effectively used are limited. Rumble strips are not normally laid within 300 yards of residential properties.

Indicative costs

The cost of rumble strips would be approximately £3,000.




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