Parking bay marked out with the word Disabled in it

Disabled parking bay

A disabled bay may be advisory or mandatory. If someone in your household is disabled and has a blue badge you can apply to have a disabled parking bay marked outside your home. Having a disabled parking bay outside your home doesn’t guarantee a space for you or the disabled person in your household. This is usually an advisory marking.

A mandatory disabled bay is usually provided in town centres reserving a road space for blue badge holders. It is an offence to park in these bays without displaying a blue badge and clock.

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All costs stated are for guidance only.

Figures provided are estimates and are reviewed annually, with all costs subject to a site survey assessment.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are a legal requirement for some traffic schemes. They are required whenever the use of a road is being restricted or prohibited (for example parking restrictions, banned turns or road closures).

As part of the TRO process, a public consultation takes place. The traffic scheme may be revised if any comments or objections are received.
All parking restrictions will require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) with a minimum cost of £7,500. They are also subject to a public consultation prior to being installed.

For further reading see Leicestershire County Council traffic management consultations