30 mph speed limit and the word slow, painted on the road

Carriageway roundel

Speed limits state the maximum speed permitted on a given road. The speed limit is displayed at the beginning of the section of road, inside a circular sign. Carriageway roundels are hardwearing markings that indicate the speed limit on the carriageway. The marking is varied to show the speed limit in force and elongated in the direction of travel to compensate for the foreshortening effect.

Carriageway roundels can’t be:

  • used as a repeater in a street lit area

Carriageway roundels can be:

  • Carriageway roundels can be used as a repeater for 20, 40 and 50mph speed limits. Not to be used on 30mph speed limits.  Carriageway Roundels are normally
    installed in pairs.
  • co-located with a terminal sign at the start of a speed limit.

Indicative costs

Carriageway roundels cost approximately £1,000 – £1,500 dependent on size and speed limit.  Upper cost assumes traffic management is provided.



All costs stated are for guidance only.

Figures provided are estimates and are reviewed annually, with all costs subject to a site survey assessment.

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