a number of bollards on a grass verge at a road junction


To prevent cars parking on pavements and verges, physical measures can be used such as bollards (or planters) which can act as an obstruction to avoid cars parking on footways and verges.

Bollards can also be used at points where pedestrians need to cross the road safely.

Bollards are relatively easy to install and are low maintenance but can add to street clutter and are prone to damage.  Parishes/Town Councils/Community Groups would be responsible for all installation costs, plus ongoing maintenance and liability costs.

The introduction of bollards can transfer the problem elsewhere and it isn’t possible or practical for the Leicestershire County Council to erect bollards on every footway throughout the county.

Indicative costs

The cost will be dependent on the size and number of bollards required. The cost would be £1,650 – £2,500 which would include 1 to 5 bollards depending on location and price. Design and installation included.



All costs stated are for guidance only.

Figures provided are estimates and are reviewed annually, with all costs subject to a site survey assessment.

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are a legal requirement for some traffic schemes. They are required whenever the use of a road is being restricted or prohibited (for example parking restrictions, banned turns or road closures).

As part of the TRO process, a public consultation takes place. The traffic scheme may be revised if any comments or objections are received.
All parking restrictions will require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) with a minimum cost of £7,500. They are also subject to a public consultation prior to being installed.

For further reading see Leicestershire County Council traffic management consultations